Infant Stimulation Cards

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Babies are born with limited and immature vision, but they can still interact with simple images. That’s where the Infant Stimulation Cards from sensolern come in. They offer six levels of training to stimulate your baby’s eyesight and brain.
By using these cards, babies can improve their concentration, distinguish foreground from background, and recognize different objects.

Our sensolern Infant Stimulation Cards stand out from the competition due to their exceptional eco-friendly quality and effectiveness.

Here’s how a baby sees in the first year of life.

Infant Stimulation Cards for Newborns

Babies’ vision after birth is limited and immature, yet they can interact with simple images. Because black and white are at the top of the contrast pyramid for colours. However, their use with overstimulating patterns can disturb the optic nerves. For this reason, the contrast images developed by “sensolern – learning with senses” are specially designed for gently stimulating training in children from 3 months.

sensolern stimulation cards for newborns
sensolern stimulation cards from 3 months

Stimulation Cards from 3 months

From the third month, another fascinating phase of life begins for the newborn. The world is becoming more colourful. They can see red, yellow, blue and green. The reason for this is that a baby now has better control over both eyes and the head, and can also see further. The expert speaks of eye-brain-body coherence. Imagine how you could encourage this development in your baby with the right stimulation. In this primary phase of colour perception, this can positively support visual depth as well as eye-head-hand-leg control. And even the smile of Mom and Dad can do something special at this stage. This is because children tend to respond more to facial features and emotions at this stage of life. Therefore, a request, smile at your child!

mom and a cute baby girl reading and talking while viewing the sensolern stimulation cards

Stimulate and educate

Infant Stimulation Cards from 6 months

An infant between 6 and 9 months has visual depth perception and excellent eye-brain-hand coordination.
Now is the right time to fill his senses with bright colours, knowledge and art motifs. Infant Stimulation Cards from 6 months) feature creatively selected images from around the world that can be used to tell many stories. Your baby begins to associate words with pictures at this stage of life.

sensolern stimulation cards from 6 months
sensolern stimulation cards from 9 months

Infant Stimulation Cards from 9 months

Speed, determination, stubbornness, and full-time curiosity are the main characteristics in this next stage of child development. With a baby’s eyesight – almost adult-like and a fully responsive body, the next step in life’s journey is at hand. The first words begin to come out and the child wants to explore further. Prepare now for more “full throttle” every day! Although the baby’s eyesight and body are still developing, there are still many things to watch out for. Children at this stage can already see almost all colours and can also estimate distances very well in order to reach a goal in front of them or to move something very small off the ground.

Let your baby read!

..never say too early

Infant Stimulation Cards (complete set)

Babies’ vision after birth is limited and immature, yet they can interact with simple images. The contrast images 0-12+ months consist of 6 levels and are the perfect training for infants. To stimulate the baby’s vision and brain. They also increase their concentration and help them distinguish foreground from background. This also helps them to distinguish objects from each other. We should also not forget an important part, namely pedagogy. Contrast images for babies include educational and cultural values from local and international sites.

sensolern Flashcards for Babies - complete set

Why are Infant Stimulation Cards Essential?

sensolern Cards also include educational and cultural assets from both local and international locations. Which makes them an excellent tool for enhancing your baby’s knowledge and understanding of the world around them. These Contrast Cards are crucial for stimulating your baby’s visual and brain abilities and are often used for children with visual disabilities. However, they can also be used as supplementary therapies for healthy infants, as they have been proven to improve infants’ vision and brain functions.

To give you an idea of how babies see life during their first 12 months, we’ve included a virtual demonstration.

At Sensolern, we believe in the importance of pedagogy and providing babies with the best tools to help them grow and develop. Start your baby’s sensory journey today with sensolern Infant Stimulation Cards.

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